Modified Draft Format: Neo Draft

During the 2019-2020 competitive play season in New England, a slightly modified draft format has been used. It was even democratically voted in by the participants of the 2020 Woodin Bowl as the draft format for the championship. The draft is almost identical to the previous draft format, except when the player normally "adds one card to each pile" after picking a pile, instead, the player "adds five cards to any pile(s) in the draft, as long as there are at least one card in each pile minimum."

Certain players prefer this draft model because it eliminates certain small deck strategies, which were becoming common in competitive play. The Neo Draft Format does allow for small deck strategies, but only if both players are agreeing to it each round by the placement of their cards during the draft.

Here is what the rulebook changes would be for the Neo Draft format, everything else would remain the same: