Can you use search effects and not select a card?

September 7, 2015


If a card with a search effect is played, you have the option of:


-Searching your deck and taking an eligible card and revealing it, then shuffle your deck.

-Searching your deck, and NOT taking any card (even if there is eligible cards) then shuffle your deck.

-Not using the ability at all. Not shuffling your deck. 


These are available for all of the following cards that allow you to search:


                         Pelpe Derdae  (Hangar)

                          Telraga Usama (Crew)

                  Alligator Johnson (Level 1 Armor)

                         Shadow Recruiter (Crew)

                      Luxury Hangar (Expert Pilot)

                      PICK ability (selected armors)

                         Trinidad Lasersaw (Action)

                       Smilion Critical (Starter Pilot)





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