How does Yot-Z Bazooka work? (UPDATE)

August 2, 2015


NOTE: The text of this card has been slightly altered for clarification. Below is the new text, with an explanation below. 


UNITE: The bazooka fires a separate strike after any attack your robot makes. 


Target any limb and roll 5 six-sided die. Reroll any values. Reroll any values again. If all 5 die are the same value then the bazooka does infinite damage and destroys that limb. 


Clarification:  This shoulder armor only fires a strike after a limb of your robot makes an attack, but before the end of your turn (it can be easy to forget). When firing the Yot-Z bazooka, target any limb (it can be different than the limb you attacked this turn) and then roll 5 six-sided die.  You may reroll any of those dice, and then choose and reroll one more time. If all 5 values are the same, than the Yot-Z bazooka is successful. Certain Actions can manipulate the values of the bazooka blast increasing your chances. 

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