Professional Bionics Leage (PBL) ROBOTS is a strategy dice & card game where you control a giant robot and try to blast away your competition. 


PBL ROBOTS has a unique deck building phase where you draft your roster and collect powerful armor, zany crew, and unique actions to improve your robot. Each player selects a dynamic starter pilot and slides it into their base robot and the game begins. Blow off all 4 limbs of your opponents robot and you win.


Armor stacks on top of your robot as you watch it grow stronger and stronger. Each game  contains 113 completely different cards and 12 mini dice, 1 twenty sided die, rulebook and 2 control panels. 


















We are now available in Artists & Craftsman, and Maine Craft Association in Portland, ME. "The Art and History behind PBL ROBOTS" art show and game day events announced for 2020. Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more details.


Congrats to Patrick Russell for taking down the 2018 Woodin Bowl tournament, with runner-up Nathaniel Sipe. Congrats to Adam Foss for being the 2018 SnowCon champion.


The PBL ROBOTS Story is now on-line for you to read! 












PBL Robots Rulebook Version 1.4 added. This version includes Ultimate Robot for fast play format supports ages 6+ and up to 4 players. Games take 15-30 minutes. Additionally, Version 1.4 includes the optimal rule set for quick games, using a 

single community deck.   












EXO CORPS Expansion will be the first expansion for Pro Bionic League ROBOTS! The new set will feature all new armors, and characters to add to the base set. Featuring the powerful General Phro and a focus on unique armors that produce storage bombs right on the card.