When rolling attack/defense, the rules state:



the player who has the lesser value decides if they want to add one or more bombs

First, this also obviously means "shields" as well; basically discard cards to get additional dice to roll. Several times in our game we ended up with tied rolls, I took the rule to mean we stop there as there is no "lesser value." Is this correct? Or is it meant as the "curren...

Storage Bombs can be used in any attack or defense as long as you have priority (meaning you are currently behind in the total value of your roll). The pretermined amount of your storage bomb (or storage shield) will be added yo your total value of attack or defense when played. 









If you have open hangar space when playing a card that asks you to roll a storage bomb you must follow that instruction. You may only remove a Storage Bomb when behind in combat, or when hangar space must be downsized (due to playing a new hangar or a demolished/destroyed hangar). 






In the base set of PBL ROBOTS there are only three ways to create storage bombs:


Mustard Hangar

Ketchup Hangar

Laslo Bracer (left arm armor)


Note: In the first expansion Storage Bombs will play a big role. 

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