NOTE: The text of this card has been slightly altered for clarification. Below is the new text, with an explanation below. 


UNITE: The bazooka fires a separate strike after any attack your robot makes. 


Target any limb and roll 5 six-sided die. Reroll any values. Reroll any values again. If all 5 die are the same value then the bazooka does infinite damage and destroys that limb. 


Clarification:  This shoulde...


After an attack, when using Yot-Z Bazooka's strike, you may target any player's armor, even if that was not the player you attacked this turn.


In a three player game: a player may only be attacked once between turns, however a strike ability does not apply to that rule and can target any player.   

No. Shoulder armors can not attack. Some shoulder armors, like Yot Z Bazooka, can make a STRIKE and others can make your bombs/shield more powerful. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only three shoulder armors exist: Yot Z Bazooka, Thunder Shield, and Refuge Laser. 









A Strike is like an attack except has a success rate that requires a separate set of circumstances to happen in order to cause infinit damage to any armor. For example: The shoulder armor YotZ Bazooka fires a Strike after any attack made by the robot it is attached to that is successful only if the player rolls 5 dice of the same value, with 2 rerolls allowed.   


Infinite damage cannot be prevented, h...

All cards with the UNITE ability are optional affects that only take place when announced. If a player forgets to activate a UNITE ability then the effect does not take place. 


Note: In  friendlier games it is often good sportsmanship to allow players to go back and use a UNITE ability even if it was initially missed, but that is up to the player(s).  In tournament/league play this would not be allowed....





Yes. When defending the shoulder armors have a base defense (pilot defense + any crew/hangar bonus). Shoulder Armors count as pilot points. If a shoulder armor is destroyed the armor is discarded into the owners scrap heap (it does not get a BLOW OFF card like the limbs) and no longer count as pilot points. If two shoulder armors are stacked on top of each other and the active shoulder armor is destroyed,...

Anytime during a battle if a die of any value is rolled in an attack targeting Spor Conductor then the attack value will crank up by +1. The Spor Conductor can only increase +1 per attack, because the entire attack including bombs are considered one damage total. 


Note: Even if Spor Conductor takes damage and increases its attack, it can still be destroyed during that combat if the defense total is lesser, li...



No. YotZ Bazooka's strike is a different secondary value and cannot be redirected like other attacks. 

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