Playing Duds on Swan's Beak would be doubles and would trigger another two dice to be rolled. 



 If a player successfully rolls doubles on the first Swan's Beak roll and then rolls again, if the opponent plays Duds or Diabolical on the Swan's Beak roll It would only effect the two most recent rolls and Duds would trigger another set of two die to be rolled. Swan's Beak's initial attack triggers another curren...


You roll two more D6's. If those two values are the same, you roll two more D6's, etc. 


Challenge: We would love to hear how high your Swan's Beak rolls have gotten, please submit us your best Swan's Beak attack and we will list the highest scores here. 

When Skill 2 Alpha Michael Delgado is an active crew member, the player's attack is (Base Attack + Limb A + Limb B) which together makes up the initial attack of that robot. Certain armors that have specific applications for the initial attack (Multi Fire Arm, Swans Beak) need to be rolled independently of the other attacking limb. The base attack dice can be added independently of Limb A or B, or the base...

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