If you have open hangar space when playing a card that asks you to roll a storage bomb you must follow that instruction. You may only remove a Storage Bomb when behind in combat, or when hangar space must be downsized (due to playing a new hangar or a demolished/destroyed hangar). 









Demolition is a keyword that allows for an armor or hangar to be discarded to prevent players from being able to attack their next turn. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only Supreme Hangar has this ability. 



A storage bomb can never be your sidekick. When you use the DEMOLITION ability of Supreme Hangar, the hangar would be discarded and any storage bombs would dissapear. 


NOTE: If you have a hangar that you played previously beneath the Supreme Hangar when you use the DEMOLITION ability the storage bomb would transfer to an open space of the new active hangar. 

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May 2, 2014

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