Malfunction affect defending armors, but at times can be discarded in the middle of battle. When the action card is discarded the armor returns to its normal state, with its normal effects.


Below are the interactions of Malfunction with certain armor effects:  










 Trinidad Lasersaw with Malfunction:

If a defending Trinidad Laser is Malfunctioned and destroyed, the Trinidad Lasersaw would NOT g...




Anytime a card with a counter on it (not including Storage Bombs in Hangars) is covered by another card (Malfunction, Armor upgrade) the counters dissapear and do not return. Here is a list of the cards that have counters and how they interact: 




Torch Pipe: If Malfunction or an armor upgrade is played on Torch Pipe but then returns to an active Torch Pipe the counter resets back to +1.



Gears of Alvidon:...

Anytime during a battle if a die of any value is rolled in an attack targeting Spor Conductor then the attack value will crank up by +1. The Spor Conductor can only increase +1 per attack, because the entire attack including bombs are considered one damage total. 


Note: Even if Spor Conductor takes damage and increases its attack, it can still be destroyed during that combat if the defense total is lesser, li...

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