(reflected Rulebook version 1.4 page 4 section "The Shop is Open")

The updated area has been highlight in yellow. 

"At any point in the game, if a player goes to draw a card but their are no cards in their deck, the Shop is Open! Shuffle your discard pile and give yourself a new draw deck. Then take the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) which has been set aside since the draft and turn five cards face up in...

(STANDARD RULES EDIT v1.2- change made May, 2015: The description below will differ from the First Edition v1.0 rulebook)


When a player is supposed to draw a card and there are no cards in their personal deck, that player will flip over cards from the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) until there is five face up cards in a row: this is called the SHOP. There may already be some cards in the shop, in that c...


If the Shop is Open (due to the action card or if any players deck runs out of cards), all cards face up in the shop are eligible to be selected when searched using cards like: 


                         Pelpe Derdae  (Hangar)

                          Telraga Usama (Crew)





No. In PBL ROBOTS Action cards resolve as soon as they are played. If another player plays an Action, they must wait to do so once the first Action is resolved. 


Distraction Teddy: When player Scott is down to 2 cards (Advice from Doc and Malfunction) and Distraction Teddy is played by Scott's oppoent, Scott may not respond by playing his actions from his turn, he must discard those two cards. If Scott had...

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