No. Shoulder armors can not attack. Some shoulder armors, like Yot Z Bazooka, can make a STRIKE and others can make your bombs/shield more powerful. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only three shoulder armors exist: Yot Z Bazooka, Thunder Shield, and Refuge Laser. 






All cards with the UNITE ability are optional affects that only take place when announced. If a player forgets to activate a UNITE ability then the effect does not take place. 


Note: In  friendlier games it is often good sportsmanship to allow players to go back and use a UNITE ability even if it was initially missed, but that is up to the player(s).  In tournament/league play this would not be allowed....





Yes. When defending the shoulder armors have a base defense (pilot defense + any crew/hangar bonus). Shoulder Armors count as pilot points. If a shoulder armor is destroyed the armor is discarded into the owners scrap heap (it does not get a BLOW OFF card like the limbs) and no longer count as pilot points. If two shoulder armors are stacked on top of each other and the active shoulder armor is destroyed,...




Anytime a card with a counter on it (not including Storage Bombs in Hangars) is covered by another card (Malfunction, Armor upgrade) the counters dissapear and do not return. Here is a list of the cards that have counters and how they interact: 




Torch Pipe: If Malfunction or an armor upgrade is played on Torch Pipe but then returns to an active Torch Pipe the counter resets back to +1.



Gears of Alvidon:...

If you use a bomb/shield and tick down a Refuge Laser or Thunder Shield with Phillip Lipperstern as your active pilot you will be rolling three d6's. 


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May 2, 2014

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