For tournament players and competitive game formats use priority.

Priority: is the chance to act.  A player who has priority has the opportunity to play an action card/ PICK ability or determine an move/attack. Priority is passed back and fourth during any given player's turn according to these triggers. Players do not need to acknowledge priority in most cases, although reasonable amount of time must be given...


Priority is an important function in PBL ROBOTS to determine when you can play actions on another player's turn. During a player's turn they are considered the 'active player' and have priority for the majority of the turn, but any opponent gets passed priority after any changed game state, including after declaration to attack and after declaration to draw a card at the end of the turn (a declaration is whe...

Yes. When an opponent is about to draw their card for the end of the turn, say: "Before you draw your card I am going to play an Action called __________" and perform the Action. A player must always give their opponent a chance to play an action card before the end of the turn, this is called Priority. If a player draws a card before their opponent gets the chance to declare their action card then the player...

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May 2, 2014

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