For tournament players and competitive game formats use priority.

Priority: is the chance to act.  A player who has priority has the opportunity to play an action card/ PICK ability or determine an move/attack. Priority is passed back and fourth during any given player's turn according to these triggers. Players do not need to acknowledge priority in most cases, although reasonable amount of time must be given...


If the Shop is Open (due to the action card or if any players deck runs out of cards), all cards face up in the shop are eligible to be selected when searched using cards like: 


                         Pelpe Derdae  (Hangar)

                          Telraga Usama (Crew)




The PICK ability, allows you to discard a specific crew member from your hand to search your deck for an armor card created by that crew member. Currently, only three cards have the ability:


Trace Law


Maxine Trinidad (crew)

A player may show and play a PICK ability at anytime to search their deck and find a qualifying armor, show it to the opponent(s) and then shuffle their deck. If a player uses...

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May 2, 2014

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