In PBL ROBOTS a die roll is considered any die that is rolled or would be rolled. Many cards in the game refer to rerolling a die, manipulating a die and/or changing the value of a die, in each instance the ending value of the die is still considered a die roll. A die may also be changed or manipulated in multiple ways and multiple times during one roll.  


For instance, if a player with an active Co...

Anytime during a battle if a die of any value is rolled in an attack targeting Spor Conductor then the attack value will crank up by +1. The Spor Conductor can only increase +1 per attack, because the entire attack including bombs are considered one damage total. 


Note: Even if Spor Conductor takes damage and increases its attack, it can still be destroyed during that combat if the defense total is lesser, li...


The Skill 3 crew card Curse of Threes comes into play in an open hangar space, with an active Skill 2, or 3 crew member in play. Once the Curse is an active crew member it immediately is placed on any players deck face up with a d6 turned to the number 3, marking the amount of times at least one 3 must be rolled while attempting to draw a card. As soon as the card is on top of a players deck, any time this p...

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