An active Expert Pilot can only be removed by using the action card Gamblers of Pioria or crew member Unknown, or by being replaced by another expert pilot.  


Destroyer Sky is the only exception, as she is the only Expert Pilot who removes herself at the beginning of any turn in which the attack counters are exhausted.  















Anytime a player has more than 1 reroll effect (like Tormax "Reroll all 2s" and Maxine Trinidad PILOT's ability "On Initial attack/defense you may reroll one die") that player may choose which effect happens first. 




Example: Player Deon has both Maxine Trinidad PILOT and Tormax as an active crew and rolls an attack of +5 (rolling 2,2,4,5,6) resulting in 19 attack damage. Deon may choose which reroll effec...

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May 2, 2014

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