Anytime an Action is played, the player must reveal it face up on the table, and then resolves the Action. Once the Action is resolved then place the card face down in the appropriate scrap heap. 

Note: Some Action cards require a die roll, and priority may pass back and fourth before the Action itself is resolved. If priority does pass while an Action is being resolved, an additional Action may also be played...

When Sara "Dippity" is in critical mode and has additional armor on the final limb when it is blown off, the Extra Life ability is triggered which means instead of ending the game the player will only discard all of the armor upgrades back to base armor. If the action card Commabackk is played it would not draw any cards because Sara "Dippity" does not have less limbs than earlier in the turn. 


(STANDARD RULES EDIT v1.2- change made May, 2015: The description below will differ from the First Edition v1.0 rulebook)


When a player is supposed to draw a card and there are no cards in their personal deck, that player will flip over cards from the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) until there is five face up cards in a row: this is called the SHOP. There may already be some cards in the shop, in that c...

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