When rolling attack/defense, the rules state:



the player who has the lesser value decides if they want to add one or more bombs

First, this also obviously means "shields" as well; basically discard cards to get additional dice to roll. Several times in our game we ended up with tied rolls, I took the rule to mean we stop there as there is no "lesser value." Is this correct? Or is it meant as the "curren...

While drafting players are welcome to look at the cards they have already drafted. Often times we recommend sorting the cards you draft into piles to make it easier to review your deck while drafting. Please make sure to make it clear where your drafted deck is, and where the undrafted pile is at all times to avoid any confusion (accidentally mixing the piles).


*Thanks to Chris Laudermilk for the question*


Yes. Any active pilot with a critical bonus will activate the moment their robot goes into critical mode (Critical Mode is when a robot only has one limb remaining). In critical, if a limb is regenrated, the pilot will go out of critical mode and then the Critical Bonus could be retriggered if they go back into Critical Mode. This could happen many times during one game.



In PBL ROBOTS a die roll is considered any die that is rolled or would be rolled. Many cards in the game refer to rerolling a die, manipulating a die and/or changing the value of a die, in each instance the ending value of the die is still considered a die roll. A die may also be changed or manipulated in multiple ways and multiple times during one roll.  


For instance, if a player with an active Co...

NOTE: The text of this card has been slightly altered for clarification. Below is the new text, with an explanation below. 


UNITE: The bazooka fires a separate strike after any attack your robot makes. 


Target any limb and roll 5 six-sided die. Reroll any values. Reroll any values again. If all 5 die are the same value then the bazooka does infinite damage and destroys that limb. 


Clarification:  This shoulde...

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