(STANDARD RULES EDIT v1.2- change made May, 2015: The description below will differ from the First Edition v1.0 rulebook)


When a player is supposed to draw a card and there are no cards in their personal deck, that player will flip over cards from the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) until there is five face up cards in a row: this is called the SHOP. There may already be some cards in the shop, in that c...


 An active limb is any head, left arm, right arm or legs that have not been blown off. A Malfunctioned limb, Level 0 base armor or a limb with a Construction Pod are all still considered active limbs. 


Shoulder armors are add-ons and are not considered active limbs. 












 In the base set of PBL ROBOTS a player can only regenerate a limb by using: 


Regeneration Pod (ARMOR)

Scales of Regeneration (ARMOR)

Bethany Lee (CREW)

Tataya Park (EXPERT PILOT)














An active Expert Pilot can only be removed by using the action card Gamblers of Pioria or crew member Unknown, or by being replaced by another expert pilot.  


Destroyer Sky is the only exception, as she is the only Expert Pilot who removes herself at the beginning of any turn in which the attack counters are exhausted.  














If a player has Smitty Lesson as an active crew member and is in critical form (only one active limb remaining), that player may discard Smitty Lesson on their turn to search their deck or hand for Shero and immediately put him into your robot. 


If Shero is not in hand, nor in the deck, shuffle the deck and Smitty Lesson remains discarded.  


Shero can attack the turn he is put into the cockpit...


In a three player game, often times players will agree on a time limit. Many times the time limit can start as soon as one player is knocked out of the game (For Example: 10 minutes after a player is knocked out, etc) or use a general time limit (For Example: one hour time limit). The tie breaker is determined by the amount of limbs a player has blown off. The secondary tie breaker is the amount of limbs a p...


After an attack, when using Yot-Z Bazooka's strike, you may target any player's armor, even if that was not the player you attacked this turn.


In a three player game: a player may only be attacked once between turns, however a strike ability does not apply to that rule and can target any player.   


In a three player game, rules stat: any player may only be attacked once between turns.


However, when playing the action Final Blow, the player who plays the action can attack any player with this extra turn (even if the defending player was just attacked). 


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