Scared Jarrod cannot get himself when using his effect. When discarding Scared Jarrod pick up the scrap heap (discard pile) and then place Scared Jarrod facedown in place of the scrap heap, then look through the pile to select your card. 



Priority is an important function in PBL ROBOTS to determine when you can play actions on another player's turn. During a player's turn they are considered the 'active player' and have priority for the majority of the turn, but any opponent gets passed priority after any changed game state, including after declaration to attack and after declaration to draw a card at the end of the turn (a declaration is whe...


Malfunction affect defending armors, but at times can be discarded in the middle of battle. When the action card is discarded the armor returns to its normal state, with its normal effects.


Below are the interactions of Malfunction with certain armor effects:  










 Trinidad Lasersaw with Malfunction:

If a defending Trinidad Laser is Malfunctioned and destroyed, the Trinidad Lasersaw would NOT g...


If the Shop is Open (due to the action card or if any players deck runs out of cards), all cards face up in the shop are eligible to be selected when searched using cards like: 


                         Pelpe Derdae  (Hangar)

                          Telraga Usama (Crew)


No. Shoulder armors can not attack. Some shoulder armors, like Yot Z Bazooka, can make a STRIKE and others can make your bombs/shield more powerful. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only three shoulder armors exist: Yot Z Bazooka, Thunder Shield, and Refuge Laser. 








No. Discarding active crew members are equivilant to playing an action and would still allow you to take a move this turn (assuming you have not taken a move this turn). Crew with discard effects from you hand (Like crew with the ability PICK or Bruno the cat) can be done at anytime as if it was an action, and does not count as a move.


Remember: You get one MOVE on your turn and it can be spent building (cr...


No. If a player plays Duds on the initial roll they must select which roll they are affecting, and it would only affect that all the dice from that player's roll. 




Using traditional rules, you could hypothetically win a complete game of PBL ROBOTS in two turns (good rolls would be crucial). However, we do not want to spoil the answer.


Two Turn Trivia: Leave us a comment on the main page and see if you can name the two ways  a player can win a PBL ROBOTS game in two turns . Here is a hint: 





Coringus will always turn the 1's into 3's and Malfunction will stay on the affected armor until otherwise discarded (by upgrading the amor or suffering a blow off). 

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