Storage Bombs can be used in any attack or defense as long as you have priority (meaning you are currently behind in the total value of your roll). The pretermined amount of your storage bomb (or storage shield) will be added yo your total value of attack or defense when played. 









If you have open hangar space when playing a card that asks you to roll a storage bomb you must follow that instruction. You may only remove a Storage Bomb when behind in combat, or when hangar space must be downsized (due to playing a new hangar or a demolished/destroyed hangar). 







Yes, Tarrison's effect will still trigger. While Curse of Threes is still an active crew member when on top of an opponents' deck, the Curse of Threes does not count as being apart of the crew of either player. The Curse of Threes is considered its own crew member of a some spiritual realm, and a sidekick to an unknown entity. The card is still owned by the player who played it, and will return to their dis...





Demolition is a keyword that allows for an armor or hangar to be discarded to prevent players from being able to attack their next turn. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only Supreme Hangar has this ability. 


The keyword DEFENSE BLAST is an ability that a crew might possess that allows him/her to be discard only if under attack that would give a specified bonus to the defending player. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only Turtle Magoo has this keyword. 




RAGE is a keyword on a pilot/armor/crew member card that allows the player to attack the turn the card is played. In the base set of PBL ROBOTS only Destroyer Sky has this keyword.  




A Strike is like an attack except has a success rate that requires a separate set of circumstances to happen in order to cause infinit damage to any armor. For example: The shoulder armor YotZ Bazooka fires a Strike after any attack made by the robot it is attached to that is successful only if the player rolls 5 dice of the same value, with 2 rerolls allowed.   


Infinite damage cannot be prevented, h...

All cards with the UNITE ability are optional affects that only take place when announced. If a player forgets to activate a UNITE ability then the effect does not take place. 


Note: In  friendlier games it is often good sportsmanship to allow players to go back and use a UNITE ability even if it was initially missed, but that is up to the player(s).  In tournament/league play this would not be allowed....



Anytime a player has more than 1 reroll effect (like Tormax "Reroll all 2s" and Maxine Trinidad PILOT's ability "On Initial attack/defense you may reroll one die") that player may choose which effect happens first. 




Example: Player Deon has both Maxine Trinidad PILOT and Tormax as an active crew and rolls an attack of +5 (rolling 2,2,4,5,6) resulting in 19 attack damage. Deon may choose which reroll effec...

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