During the 2019-2020 competitive play season in New England, a slightly modified draft format has been used. It was even democratically voted in by the participants of the 2020 Woodin Bowl as the draft format for the championship. The draft is almost identical to the previous draft format, except when the player normally "adds one card to each pile" after picking a pile, instead, the player "adds five cards t...

If a game of PBL ROBOTS requires a player to Open the Shop (due to no cards in their Draw Deck or because of the Action Card 'Shop is Open') and there are no cards in the Shop Deck, the game is over and declared a draw. 

Reason: In the unlikely case of a game that stalls out or has no remaining relevant moves by either player and the Shop has been opened several times, without yielding relevant cards the game...

Anytime an Action is played, the player must reveal it face up on the table, and then resolves the Action. Once the Action is resolved then place the card face down in the appropriate scrap heap. 

Note: Some Action cards require a die roll, and priority may pass back and fourth before the Action itself is resolved. If priority does pass while an Action is being resolved, an additional Action may also be played...

(reflected Rulebook version 1.4 page 4 section "The Shop is Open")

The updated area has been highlight in yellow. 

"At any point in the game, if a player goes to draw a card but their are no cards in their deck, the Shop is Open! Shuffle your discard pile and give yourself a new draw deck. Then take the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) which has been set aside since the draft and turn five cards face up in...

For tournament players and competitive game formats use priority.

Priority: is the chance to act.  A player who has priority has the opportunity to play an action card/ PICK ability or determine an move/attack. Priority is passed back and fourth during any given player's turn according to these triggers. Players do not need to acknowledge priority in most cases, although reasonable amount of time must be given...

When Sara "Dippity" is in critical mode and has additional armor on the final limb when it is blown off, the Extra Life ability is triggered which means instead of ending the game the player will only discard all of the armor upgrades back to base armor. If the action card Commabackk is played it would not draw any cards because Sara "Dippity" does not have less limbs than earlier in the turn. 



 If a player uses Virus Flush on their own Regeneration Pod or Scales of Regeneration the armor underneath the pod/scales would become the new active armor. This could be the base armor, or a Level 1,2 or 3 Armor depending on which armor was active when the blow off occurred.  


A defending player may respond to the attacking player's declaration of an attack by using Virus Flush on the attack armor. This must be done before the dice are rolled. The attacking player must give the defending player a chance to respond to the declaration before rolling the dice.


If Virus Flush is used, the attacking player will now be able to re-select their move for the turn. 


If Virus Flush is used...


If a card with a search effect is played, you have the option of:


-Searching your deck and taking an eligible card and revealing it, then shuffle your deck.

-Searching your deck, and NOT taking any card (even if there is eligible cards) then shuffle your deck.

-Not using the ability at all. Not shuffling your deck. 


These are available for all of the following cards that allow you to search:



When rolling attack/defense, the rules state:



the player who has the lesser value decides if they want to add one or more bombs

First, this also obviously means "shields" as well; basically discard cards to get additional dice to roll. Several times in our game we ended up with tied rolls, I took the rule to mean we stop there as there is no "lesser value." Is this correct? Or is it meant as the "curren...

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